Sandplay in Aotearoa/New Zealand

The discipline of Sandplay Therapy as recognised by the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST) is still relatively new to Aotearoa New Zealand.

Jean Parkinson (Auckland) and Carina  Conradie (Hamilton) are both Certified Sandplay Therapists and Teaching Members (CST-T) with ISST.

There are other independent ISST Sandplay Therapy candidates throughout the country, training with ANZ Sandplay Therapy Institute (ANZ-STI) in Sydney. ANZ-STI offers in-depth and systemic learning in Sandplay Therapy as developed by Dora Kalff. Aotearoa New Zealand Sandtray/Sandplay practitioners with varying degrees of training practice under their individual therapeutic registrations and Codes of Ethics. These may include ANZACATA, NZAC, NZAP, NZAPs and similar.

Sandplay Therapy candidates who are not yet ISST certified, practice under their individual psychotherapeutic registrations and Codes of Ethics. In Aotearoa New Zealand practitioners are registered with ANZACATA, NZAC, NZAP, NZAPs and similar.

ISST teachers and supervisors acknowledge and support the reality that Sandplay in Aotearoa New Zealand has a unique cultural and spiritual embodiment. Distance from the origins of Sandplay need not dissuade us from discovering the treasure. There are opportunities to grow our therapeutic knowledge in various ways. With growth in numbers, we have made a start in realising the hopes we have of bringing/inviting ISST teachers to Aotearoa New Zealand guide us with their experience and wisdom.

Sandplay in Australia

In Australia there is a growing number of Sandplay Therapists who have earned certifications with ISST. There is an ongoing liaison between New Zealand and Australian practitioners in anticipation of an Australasian professional body linked to ISST in the near future. Several Aotearoa New Zealand practitioners have attended ISST Sandplay trainings which have been offered over the past ten years in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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