In the hands of a properly prepared therapist, sandplay is a powerful, invaluable modality. The operative word is ‘powerful’. To the extent that any method can heal, so can it do harm. Therefore, I urgently advise that even a psychotherapist experienced in other methodologies, who contemplates practicing sandplay, should have had a deep personal experience doing a sandplay process as a patient. This should be undertaken with a qualified sandplay therapist.

Certified sandplay therapists are members of national sandplay organizations and the International Society for Sandplay Therapy. All sandplay therapists must undertake an extended period of training and careful supervision with a certified sandplay therapist. To attempt to do sandplay any other way is irresponsible.

Dora M Kalff, Founder of Sandplay Therapy


Sandplay Therapy is based on the Depth Psychology of CG Jung and on the ‘World Technique’ originated by Margaret Lowenfeld, an innovative paediatrician and founder of one of the first psychological clinics for children in England in 1928. Lowenfeld set up the classical tools later adapted by Sandplay Therapy, a tray filled with sand and miniatures allowing to represent inner psychological contents in the creation of a three dimensional world.

Martin Kalff, Sandplay Therapist (son of Dora M Kalff)


Sandplay Therapy is a therapeutic method developed by Dora M Kalff, student of Lowenfeld and friend of CG Jung. Sandplay Therapy is based on the psychological principle that there is a fundamental drive towards healing and well-being in the human psyche. Sandplay Therapy is characterised by the use in a sandtray of sand, water and miniatures in the creation of images within the ‘free and protected space’ of a defined therapeutic relationship.

Sandplay Therapy Association New Zealand and Australia


A series of Sandplay images portrayed in the sand tray create an ongoing dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious aspects of the client’s psyche, which activates a healing process and the development of the personality. This therapeutic method may be successfully applied to individual work with both adults and children.

International Society for Sandplay Therapy